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Theodore Gosman
Ted Gosman founded the firm now known as GosmanLaw, P.c. in 1991, over 20 years ago in response to his client's call for a responsive, caring law firm which provides excellent and quality service to its clients and their customers.

The result was the birth of GosmanLaw, P.C. which as of today has closed thousands of transactions and continues to accommodate its clients in the same caring, and responsive way as when it was first founded.

Gosman Law -Ted Gosman 

We operate by a few simple rules...

1: Reliability

Close the Deal: When engaged at Gosman Law for real estate transactions the common goal for all, is to accurately and efficiently close the deal. Our knowledge of the law, banking industry and respect for our clients, enable us to perform with grace our position.

Knowledge:Our 25 years of real estate experience is crucial to every transaction. Our practical and hands on approach protects all involved in the transaction. The team at GOSMAN LAW speaks your language and is here to answer all of your questions.

Client Assurance: Communication is a key component to every transaction, Gosman Law stays connected with our clients, prior to, during and we are here for any and all post closings concerns or questions.

Document Preservation: Years after your closing, we will be here with your closing documents in hand to answer any questions you may have, and if needed supply you with duplicate documents.

2: Gosman Law History

We opened our doors in 1992, and with a continued commitment for excellence our growth began. Gosman Law practices are extensively in the area of real estate, transactional law involving the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties, as well as extensive experience in lender and mortgage representation. Over the last 20 years, Gosman Law grown professionally and has become an integral part of the real estate & banking community.

3: Our Services

GosmanLaw, P.C. has built its reputation and name on providing excellent service in Lender representation and continues the tradition today. GosmanLaw, P.C. closes loans for dozens of Lenders and will be happy to assist you with your closing today!

Buying or selling a home can be a difficult and stressful event. GosmanLaw, P.C. takes the stress and uncertainty out of the process by guiding you every step of the way. Let GosmanLaw, P.C. help you in your Purchase or Sale today!

GosmanLaw, P.C. represents several Lenders in connection with your request for an Assignment from your existing Lender to a new Lender. We facilitate and expedite the paperwork to make your refi closing go very smoothly.

GosmanLaw, P.C. can assist you in all of your title needs and can order a variety of searches and examinations of title to make sure you are fully protected.

We are able to assist in any and all real estate searches including all of your title needs:
Last owner Search
Tax liens and searches
Title Searches
Escrow Closings
Foreclosure searches

We Serve All of NY State

Gosman Law History

Family Owned and Operated

We have worked in the real estate industry for over 30 years, specifically in the title insurance industry since 1995. At Worldcom, pride is taken in ourselves with small employee turnover and the creation of a close communicative office environment.

Expanding Business

Having knowledge of real estate statistics and cycles, we are certain that this is the best time to grow our business, great rates, great prices, a world of opportunity. It is at this time we are expanding our sales force in Manhattan. For inquires to be a part of our new business team, please send CV to ted@gosmanlaw.com